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We can assist you with package and label design, optimizing the medication/device interface, risk assessment services, and more
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The Medication Safety Board is the leading authority to assist the pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries with medication use safety

The Medication Safety Board is dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in assuring safe use of prescription and over-the-counter products through our packaging and labeling work and other safety consulting services. Our expertise stems from the relationship we have with our parent organization, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), which is the leading authority in medication error prevention.

We provide expert review of drug product packaging and labeling to ensure that it is easy to understand and consistent with current standards and regulatory requirements, including those from USP and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as other regulatory authorities throughout the world. The Medication Safety Board can evaluate or design single labels or an entire line of products to reduce the risk of errors in the clinical setting in which they are to be used. Package and label services include design, premarket screening, evaluation, and human factors testing.

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Medication Safety Services

Package and Label

The Medication Safety Board uses our knowledge of medication error causality as well as our years of experience to perform expert evaluations and design of drug product packaging and labeling.

Safety Consulting

The Medication Safety Board provides consultative services for any issues that pertain to the safe use of a product.

Premarket Screening

The Medication Safety Board can help companies by screening new packaging and labeling prior to submission to regulatory authorities.

Assistance in Resolving Product-Related Medication Errors

The Medication Safety Board capitalizes on knowledge derived from our parent organization’s work with various medication and vaccine error reporting programs.

Educational Programs

The Medication Safety Board’s parent company, ISMP, collaborates with your company to customize a private educational program in medication safety that provides an appropriate overview for industry professionals