Safety Consulting Services

Provides consultative services on any issue that pertains to the safe use of a product or medication-related technology

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The Medication Safety Board evaluates product safety issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Package and label
  • Instructions for use
  • Medication/device interface
  • Post-market error report analysis and risk-mitigation strategy development

Since other aspects of product marketing are also under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies, our consulting can include the review of advertising or promotional materials to ensure that messages are communicated in a manner that does not lead to confusion or error. When necessary, we use outside collaborators, such as human factors engineers, to provide a wider range of expertise.

The Medication Safety Board can also review and analyze any post-marketing error reports to determine what risk-mitigation strategies need to be taken. Other issues related to post-marketing error reports are handled by our parent company, ISMP.

Our safety consulting services include:

Risk Assessments

Using the EVALUATE-ERR® model, The Medication Safety Board assesses a unique aspect of a product, such as a container label issue, change in product packaging or presentation, special packaging requirements, or product interface with medication-related technology, to determine areas of vulnerability and to help mitigate risks.

Advisory Groups

The Medication Safety Board coordinates and facilitates advisory groups of key thought leaders to discuss and consider solutions for difficult safety concerns.

Technology Consults

The Medication Safety Board provides consultations to assist companies who specialize in medication-related technology, whether it is a specific device, medication use system or product such as infusion pumps, barcoding devices or automated dispensing cabinets.

Educational Programs

Medication Safety Board’s parent organization, ISMP,  designs and presents programs for pharmaceutical industry professionals who want to learn more about medication safety and error prevention.