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Assisting companies that specialize in medication-related technology
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Technology ConsultsThe Medication Safety Board provides consultative services to companies that specialize in medication-related technology, whether it is a medication use system or specific device, such as an infusion pump, barcoding device, or automated dispensing cabinet. Our expertise offers insight that helps improve the functionality and safety of these technologies. Using an interdisciplinary team, we pay particular attention to the ability or likelihood of a typical practitioner or patient to use the device safely under normal practice conditions.

 As part of the evaluation, we conduct a site visit to analyze the functionality and efficiency of the product, device, or system. The onsite visit allows us to consider the impact of the technology on other systems. The Medication Safety Board will meet with the research and development team as well as key professional staff where the product or device is being utilized and then provide recommendations to the manufacturer or developer as needed.